See What The 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Is All About!

June 29th, 2020 by

Mazda Miata RF cruising downtown at dusk
Mazda is renowned for its exciting performance and gorgeous design, and the stunning Miata accentuates these attributes in an engaging two-seater sports car. Building on what makes the standard Miata convertible a class-leading roadster, the gorgeous 2020 Miata RF delivers an unprecedented blend of athleticism and style.

Unrivaled Performance

The Miata RF’s fluid design accurately communicates graceful performance, and the sports car delivers incredible alacrity, even among its high-powered rivals. Its nimble maneuverability, finely-tuned suspension system, and Skyactiv chassis make it a delight to pilot around winding roads, and it promises to remain unflinchingly poised while you carve corners. The Miata RF was designed with a supreme focus on balance, allowing you to feel planted and confident during your most athletic drives.

A Potent Powertrain

A six-speed manual transmission comes standard for an engaging and rewarding experience, while an available six-speed automatic permits you to leave gear shifting up to the Miata, which handles transitions with masterful timing. Under the hood, a 181-horsepower 4-cylinder engine generates all the umph you need for highway adventures. The powertrain also delivers easy acceleration from traffic lights and on-ramps.

The Retractable Fastback

The feature that truly sets the RF apart from the standard manually-operated Miata convertible is its automatic moving hardtop. When it’s up, the streamlined roof carves a graceful, continuous line down to the trunk, and when you want to feel the breeze, you can throw a switch to activate the power-retracting mechanism. The back of the sports car will open, and in 13 quick seconds, the roof will lift and fold out of sight, and the back of the car will return to maintain its svelte silhouette.

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Safford Mazda of Fredericksburg

If you would like to experience the precise handling and honed performance of the Miata RF for yourself, you can come check it out here in Fredericksburg. Our team of Mazda experts would love to show you what this agile sports car can do, and we’d love to let you take the wheel for a test drive. You’re welcome to call or visit our dealership to see how Mazda can match your lifestyle, and you can even start the financing process ahead of your visit by filling out our encrypted application form.


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