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Mazda equips their cars with safety technology
Mazda has invested more than 25 years of research into safety technology, and their entire lineup can now be found at the cutting edge of vigilant driver assistance systems and protective design. Their vehicles consistently impress critics with responsive hazard mitigating tech, and Mazda models are respected for their ability to ace safety tests. With their intelligent onboard technology and reassuring test ratings, Mazda’s commitment to safety inspires peace of mind every time you start your engine.

Watching Out for You

Mazda knows that you need to keep your eyes on the road, but you still need to keep alert for unpredictable hazards. That’s why they’ve designed the available i-ACTIVSENSE® system to help you stay aware of your surroundings. This state-of-the-art system utilizes milliwave radars and cameras to detect road hazards as well as negate or lessen the severity of collisions.

Active Safety Technology

Active safety tools protect you and your passengers by alerting you through sound and visuals. These available systems include the lane departure warning, which can sound off whenever you start to veer out of your own lane. The forward obstruction warning indicates when there’s a hazard coming up directly ahead, while blind spot monitoring helps you watch out for any person or object that might be obscured in your blind spots. If you’re starting to feel fatigue setting in, the driver attention monitoring system will chime to get your attention, and will suggest a rest stop so that you’re not at risk of dozing off at the wheel.

Pre-Collision and Passive Safety Technology

Pre-collision systems lower the risk of accidents through smart sensors and assisted controls. The available Smart City Brake Support detects upcoming vehicles via laser sensor and can simultaneously reduce engine output and apply brakes if needed. When a collision is unavoidable, passive safety systems reduce the threat through diligent design. These precautions include impact-absorbing interior surfaces, an advanced airbag system, an impact-absorbing steering system, and a high-rigidity body.

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