Tips To Organizing Your Garage

March 8th, 2021 by

Kids helping with garage saleDo you wish you could walk through your garage without reaching for a blindfold? Let’s make a change in this scary-looking space. Your garage should be a utilized use of space for storage, not a junk pile. Although, we understand with a busy lifestyle, kids, and tools, how this part of your home can become unorganized and a stressful mess. So, today we have four tips to help keep your garage spick and span. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

Storage Containers

Do you have a bunch of items laying around? First things first, head over to your local home superstore and invest in some practical containers. Also, if you don’t have a shelf, you will thank yourself for one of those as well. Once you get home, begin separating your tools, family heirlooms, the kid’s sports equipment, paint, etc. into categories. If you have it, designate a container for it. Also, label each of them with stickers. Once arranged and stacked, every time you walk into your garage, it will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Cleaning Corner

Is your garage also your laundry room? First, if possible, stack your washer and dryer on top of each other to free up room. Next, consider having a sink installed. Having a sink in your laundry and garage space will allow for easy clean up in the house. That is right — no more muddy little shoes or dirty hands will enter your home. This space-saving tip will also save your home from messes.

Make it Pretty

Chances are, your garage is the least aesthetically pleasing spot in your home. This is a given, considering it’s probably filled with masculine tools and the kid’s outdoor toys. A pop of color never hurts! Paint your door to enter the house a beautiful pastel color, find a cutesy doormat, or even hang some family photos. If this space feels nicer, your family is bound to keep it more organized. Give your garage a grand entrance!

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Install Pegboards

Pegboards are an inexpensive way to install organization for tools, a place to store keys, or hang-up everyday items. Also, if you want to incorporate a fun color, they can easily be painted.

Now that you have your garage in tip-top shape, it is time to pick out a fresh ride. Come see us at Safford Mazda of Fredericksburg, Virginia to view our inventory!

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