How To Safely Jumpstart Your car

September 6th, 2021 by

car battery with jumper cables

If you’ve found yourself on the other end of a dead car battery, don’t panic. Unless you’ve noticed an ongoing problem with the battery, it’s likely that you’ll be able to jump-start it enough to get going. These steps walk you through the process of jump-starting your car from start to finish.

Using Jumper Cables

Using jumper cables is the traditional method for jump-starting a car, and though the steps have to be performed in a particular order, it’s not hard at all.

  1. Brush away any gunk or dirt from the battery posts.
  2. Attach the red/colored clamp to the positive (+) post on the dead battery, then attach the other red/colored clamp to the positive (+) post on the good battery.
  3. Attach the black (negative) clamp to the negative (-) post on the good battery.
  4. Attach the black (negative) clamp to an unpainted engine bolt, part of the car frame, or grounding terminal if equipped.
  5. Start the running car and let it run for a few minutes before starting the car that needs to be jumped.

Hopefully, the jump-start will have succeeded and the car will start. If you hear a clicking sound, it might be a bad starter. If the engine turns over and the lights inside come on, it could be another issue. Once the car has started, drive it around for at least a half-hour to let the battery recharge and stop in to see us for a battery test service.

Using a Power Pack

These days, you can get a jump-start without the help of a benevolent neighbor or stranger by using a power pack. These power packs have enough power to jump-start the engine of most cars, but be sure to find a model that has enough power for your vehicle, especially if you have a larger vehicle with a big battery. The manufacturer of the power pack will provide specific instructions, but the process is very similar to using traditional jumper cables.

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Stop By for Battery Test Service

After a dead battery, it’s important to have your battery professionally tested to determine if this was a one-off event or a symptom of a dying battery. We can perform a quick and easy battery test service here at Safford Mazda, so swing by as you’re driving around to recharge the battery after a jump.

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