Washing Your Car: Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Shine

April 13th, 2020 by

Car Wash

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. During this season of growth (read: pollen), you’ll probably find that your car could use a good once-over as well. Sloughing off that layer of grime and yellow powder is just the start, though. After a winter’s worth of tracked-in dirt and debris, the interior of your vehicle is also probably ready for a focused cleaning. Follow these tips to restore the like-new shine and showroom freshness of your car inside and out.

Use the Right Soap

If you’re going the DIY route to get your car spring-clean, make sure you’re not just grabbing the nearest sudsing agent. The best thing for your vehicle’s paint job may not be the same thing you use on your dirty dishes, for instance. You’ll want to start with a cleanser specially formulated for use on cars. Fill a separate bucket with clean rinse water and use that to rinse your sponge or mitt frequent during washing to prevent scratches.

Wax On

Protect your car’s exterior and get a shiny finish with a good coat of wax. Select the type you prefer – carnauba wax and synthetic polymer waxes are both popular options – and apply it with a swirling motion using a foam applicator. Use a microfiber towel for the “wax off” part of the task.

Dust Top to Bottom

Inside your car, the air quality may have seen better days. You’ll want to wipe away dust and vacuum it up as you go, so it only makes sense to start high and work your way down. Slide the seats forward and clean underneath them. Use a detailing brush to sweep dust out of the vents and cracks, and vacuum thoroughly when you’re finished. Then you can tackle glass cleaning and surface polishing.

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Deep-Clean Carpet and Upholstery

You might be satisfied with a really good vacuum job on the interior of your car, but to go the extra mile, think deeper. A carpet cleaner is the best way to get up the dirt that settles into the fibers of your car’s floors and seats, keeping it from ever feeling showroom-worthy. Rent a deep cleaner along with the proper cleansing solution or buy one of these handy machines outright (a few uses and it will pay for itself!).

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